Why “BitMonkey”?

Posted by groesener on April 5, 2014 with No Comments

“What possessed you”, some people have asked, “to choose a name like “BitMonkey Consulting”?

Once, long ago, on a gloomy afternoon in a sawmill computer room, the hard work of the crew in starting up a sawmill was beginning to show results. It had taken several long, tortuous months to bring all the equipment together, and a whole band-full of highly-skilled, but unconventional people to pull it off. Several of us sat together in the room after shift, talking.

We started to call each other names. Monkey names.
Scanner-monkey, the guy who kept the scanner clean. Code-Monkey, the guy who wrote the program. Grease-Monkey, the oiler whose observations of the system’s lubrications were crucial to the machine working as predicted. Lumber-Monkey, the man who operated the edger.

And the guy who did all the electronic things no one else did with bits of electrons? The guy who set up databases, who watched the machine and made changes to the database, or the scanner, or to the PLC code?


And now you know the rest of the story.